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Welcome to the Official Website of PowerDirector Mod Apk. This is one of The Best Video editing applications for Android smartphones. Download Now the PowerDirector Pro APK from this Site, and Enjoy Watermark Free with All Premium Features Unlocked for Free.

No Watermark | 4K UHD Export

Version: v14.1.0 Size: 176MB

What is PowerDirector Mod APK?

PowerDirector Mod APK is a modified version of the original PowerDirector video editing app, available for Android devices.

PowerDirector Mod App is an excellent choice for video editors who want to elevate their video editing skills.

With its advanced features and premium benefits, users can create visually stunning videos that stand out in the digital landscape. Embrace the power of PowerDirector Pro APK and unlock your creativity like never before.

PowerDirector - Video Editor
PowerDirector - Video Editor

One way for people to tell relevant tales in a simple and interesting way is through video. The combination of all the components will result in a successful product that will always fascinate spectators.

Applications for creating videos are therefore changing to match user demands.

While tough, the job is exciting. They will have to think of a concept and put a lot of effort into developing it.

This task may be completed on a variety of platforms, so if you use your phone to capture videos or are a user of PowerDirector – Video Editor Software, Best Video Maker is the ideal app for you.

PowerDirector Mod APK Download Overview:

A video editing program called PowerDirector MOD Premium apk can transform your videos into eye-catching films with the help of expert editing tools.

Users of PowerDirector mod apk have access to a special feature that everyone wishes to utilize. That is editing for video. Today’s smartphones have the ability to record videos.

Sharpness and quality are also ensured at the same time. As a result, consumers will carry a phone to do a variety of tasks, such as capturing pictures or making movies.

App NamePowerDirector
App Size176MB
Requires5.0 and up
MODsPremium Unlocked
Updated1 Day Ago

As you will be able to edit films immediately on your phone, which is a gadget that carries numerous memories for users, using this program is perfectly suitable and fair.

As a result, you may choose and modify movies directly from the database.

This eliminates the need to send your films or photographs to other platforms for editing at the same time. You don’t have to spend a lot of time selecting high-quality components either.

Features of PowerDirector Mod APK:

PowerDirector Mod APK provides several amazing features over the standard version:

The app has an endless amount of features, and each tool has a distinct specialty as well as the ability to serve multiple purposes.

Once you are familiar with the tools and app features, you can come up with more original ideas and make more stunning videos by using minimal but effective video elements.

High-Quality Editing & Export

In contrast to other Android video editors, these ones here offer to output videos of excellent quality but ultimately degrade them.

However, PowerDirector is different in that you may edit and export videos in the highest resolution, 4K, without compromising the image quality.

However, exporting video at the highest quality will take time and have an impact on the device’s performance.

So, before exporting the video, double-check your device’s specs.

No Watermarks

Unlike the standard PowerDirector app, the modded version allows you to export HD Quality videos without any watermarks, giving your creations a more professional touch.

  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot
  • PowerDirector - Video Editor Screenshot

Stabilizer for video

The resulting video is not very cool when videos taken with smartphones are recorded since they shake so much, however, this can be easily fixed by utilizing PowerDirector’s video stabilizer.

On YouTube, you may also discover several guides for using PowerDirector Mod Apk to repair Shaky Video.

Increased Customization

PowerDirector Pro APK offers extended customization options, allowing you to fine-tune your video edits to perfection.

Voice Modifier

The PowerDirector Voice Changer tool will assist you in experimenting with odd audio effects and trying something so that no one can tell who is the person behind the video.

Voice-Overs & Music

It is a fact that many people, like me and you, dislike their own voice. If you are one of these people and don’t want to create video content in your own voice and are interested in using a voice changer tool, then you should consider this.

Access to Premium Content

Powerdirector Pro app often grants access to exclusive content, such as premium templates, music tracks, and audio effects, giving you more resources to enhance your videos.

Blending and Overlay Modes

In order to make two video clips appear to be one, double-exposure effects are mostly produced via overlays and blending modes.

With most products, you have to work hard to extract visually stunning double exposure effects from the video, but PowerDirector Pro Apk does not have this problem, and every action you do is completely customized.

A Simple Social Sharing

Regardless of the type of content we produce for social media sharing, opening each application one by one can be a time-consuming task.

However, once the video has been exported, you are free to easily share your content on any social media you choose by clicking on the available social media icons.

Put cool things in the video

When editing and adding effects to your product, pay attention to the distinctive components that draw customers, such as sound components. The sound adds to the user experience and is thrilling.

So it would be beneficial if you thought about adding them systematically via the different forms. You can utilize music tracks as one. Each piece of music has a subtlety that might enhance the appeal of your writing.

PowerDirector MOD APK
Add Video Effects

Both the material and the amusing noises will be experienced by viewers. As a result, user tales are transmitted in a unique way.

Users can even record their own voices to add to the video. Depending on how the video will be used, you can decide to maintain or change your voice.

Advanced Video Effects

This is one of the most amazing features of this app which is only available in the premium version or moded version. In this feature, you are able to give a new look to your video by applying different-different filters to it.

There are more than 100+ filters available on the store of this app which can be used in photos or video both.

No Ads

Advertising is the most annoying thing, and it completely kills your editing creativity with pointless ads since one ad is enough to divert your attention. For this reason, we’ve attempted to get rid of all the ads so that you may have a clean experience free of any ads.

Add Background

No watermark

Watermarks in any video create a bad impression. When you export a movie using PowerDirector’s free edition from the Google Play store, the app’s watermark appears, which isn’t ideal if you’re producing a particular film. Since we eliminated that feature, there won’t be any developer or app watermark while using the premium version.

Maximum 4K Export

The app’s creator took additional care to render the app as smoothly as possible without compromising the video’s sharpness. You may export your videos in 4K, the finest resolution, with this premium version.

However, the increased video quality will also have an impact on how well your device performs, so be careful to use it in accordance with your device’s guidelines.

There are many export choices available, so pick cautiously and check for a sample of how it will look after export.

Also, if you’re looking to download videos and audio from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. you can check out Seal Apk.


Millions of consumers all around the world are attracted to PowerDirector because of its user-friendly UI. We frequently picture a complicated user interface with hundreds of distinct tools when we think about video editing software.

This interface is cleverly made, fitting the phone’s screen. Some aspects of the program are buried; you must spend some time learning where they are before you can find them.

Premium Activated

Superior Library Of The good news is that you can access practically everything you wish to use from the library, including music, stickers, images, videos, transitions, and more, even if the app is not available to everyone in the free edition.

Join the unique elements together

In addition to the fundamental duties, we can take on fresher assignments that users will relish. The impacts that PowerDirector mod apk can have are the first thing to be mentioned.

You only need to touch an overlay to watch the video alter. It will be a factor that increases the interest in your narrative and pays attention to selecting the appropriate one for each overlay. The program also provides you with the dynamic components seen in animated titles simultaneously.

Motion Effect

This tool is very useful for coming up with original introductions. You will devote a lot of effort to the introduction since it will be the element that draws customers to your offering. You can see that an introduction always includes something vibrant and effect-laden.

Specifications for the Premium Version

  • Premium content is only accessible to subscribers (color filters, titles, transitions, and video effects).
  • There are stock media materials accessible even for commercial usage (music, photos, stickers, stock video footage, sounds)
  • Strong editing talents and filmmaking equipment for the quickest video production time feasible without sacrificing video quality.
  • Ads or other distractions are absent.
  • Benefit from unlimited access to our enormous, royalty-free stock library, which is supported by Shutterstock.
  • For the purpose of producing aesthetically appealing video projects, there are hundreds of thousands of professional stock videos, images, and musical compositions accessible.

Languages Supported

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Português (Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Indonesian

How to Download & Install PowerDirector Mod APK on android device

Before downloading the PowerDirector APK file, you need to do this below setting:-

Enable Unknown Sources: To install apps from third-party sources, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your mobile device settings.

After ensuring the safety of your device, follow these steps to install PowerDirector Mod APK:

Step 1: Download PowerDirector Pro APK from our website www.powerdirector.cc or the download page, as the MOD version is not available on the Play Store.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, locate the file on your device and tap to start the installation process.

Step 3: During installation, the app may request certain permissions. Grant the necessary permissions for the app to function correctly.

After the installation is complete, launch PowerDirector Mod APK, and start exploring its extensive range of editing features.

Download PowerDirector MOD APK Latest Version

The PowerDirector mod apk has a new version that is v14.1.0 and in this new features and tools are added so if you are interested in this latest version then download it now from the below-given button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of PowerDirector Pro Mod?

One of the most popular video editing applications available on the Google Play Store right now is PowerDirector: Video Editor App. Having said that, despite all of its incredible features, the software is undoubtedly among the best options for video producers and is awarded Editor’s Choice.

Android users may completely edit their incredible films with the app and export them at the finest possible quality. Make use of the numerous customization options for your films while using the various editing tools that are constantly at your disposal.

Furthermore, Android users may simply complete their editing process on their various devices and have pleasant experiences unlike ever before thanks to the app’s own video editor version on the PC.

Enjoy limitless modifications whenever you want on your mobile devices by recording your films or loading them from your storage.

Is PowerDirector free without a watermark?

You may have plans to edit professional movies and videos with the PowerDirector application. But be aware that your altered movies will have a watermark embedded in them.

When you use the program’s free version, that is the situation. You must get the premium edition of PowerDirector for a PC to remove the watermark from the movies if you want to use it without one.

On the other hand, you might be interested in learning how to get rid of the PowerDirector watermark from videos. Only PowerDirector subscribers may export videos without a watermark.

PowerDirector is available for free download and installation right now.

Can I remove the video effects from the PowerDirector video?

Yes. You might eliminate the video effects if PowerDirector was used to edit the video. If you did not initially edit the video with PowerDirector, you cannot remove the video effects.

Android users in PowerDirector are permitted to select a selection of various graphic effects and elements for their videos, which would add to their final edits, along with your edited films.

Having said that, you may begin by utilizing straightforward gesture controls to add a variety of effects and transitions to your films. To rapidly create your video tracks, select your best photographs and merge them with certain films in the Photo Video Editor.

Put text tracks on and use the supplied text editor to make several adjustments. Alternatively, you may use lovely audio tracks and tunes to give your films more life.

PowerDirector is always a fantastic program for making films because of the endless possibilities and extensive modifications for each effect.

Is PowerDirector cost-free?

The award-winning PowerDirector Video Editing Software’s free version is called PowerDirector Essential. You have unrestricted usage of it. And you are not restricted to a 30-day timeframe when using any of the advanced capabilities.

You may also test them in your project if you’re interested in our premium content.

Can I use PowerDirector Mod APK on iOS devices?

No, the PowerDirector Mod app is designed specifically for Android devices. It is not compatible with iOS devices.

PowerDirector Apk Tutorial Guide

PowerDirector App Tutorial
Credit: @PDU_Tutorials

Conclusion- PowerDirector Mod Apk

In conclusion, PowerDirector Mod APK is a must-have tool for any content creator seeking to elevate their video editing skills and produce exceptional videos.

With its wide range of features and benefits, this app opens up new possibilities and ensures that your videos leave a lasting impression on your audience.

The videos created using the PowerDirector Pro apk are of exceptional quality. You have the option to export the finished product in HD or Ultra HD quality.

You may quickly and easily post to Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram using the integrated social network. Despite having been tailored for mobile devices and having a user-friendly interface, many people can find it challenging to comprehend how it operates.

PowerDirector has included several video tutorials within the program in order to capture this mindset. By choosing Tutorials in the lower-left corner of your screen, you may view the whole tutorial video.

However, PowerDirector Mdo apk is the best mobile program available for general video editing due to its wealth of helpful tools and well-optimized settings. This makes it possible for Android users to make the most of their video editing tools. You can now make use of the best video editing experiences whenever you want thanks to the pro edition of the program being absolutely free and unlocked on our website.

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